sat down today to look through a mountain of old song lyrics. i got together and jammed last week with a couple musicians, just to do some playing, and thought i'd try to figure out some of those lost "nuggets." well, that and the fact that one of my old friends from high school send me a message on facebook talking about some old songs i wrote for her and how "sappy" they were. i really don't doubt it. i have no idea what the songs could be, or be about. really weird. i honestly can't remember writing songs for this girl, but apparently i did. too funny. i bet i've forgotten more songs that i've written than i actually can remember writing. :) going through all those old papers really made me want to put these songs down on cd, the right way. i have so much music in me that has never been heard (and some of it, that's probably for the best). most people have memories or keepsakes. it seems that my life has been chronicled in songs. a week away from my 20 year h.s. reunion and i shudder at just how much of my life i have forgotten. it really does go by so very quickly. hell, it's been over a year since i've written in this online journal.
as soon as i get this studio fully operational, i'm gonna make it my goal to get these old songs recorded, even if only acoustic.
anyway, i'm not sure if anyone will even read this. it's been so long. but i'm doin' it anyway.
if you do sumble upon this and give it a read, thanks.

p.s.- check out sister hazel's site. i LOVE this band: www.sisterhazel.com