like a heapin’ helping of musical truth serum, chris thayer band, delivers a collection of bittersweet moments with a refreshing blend of wry wit and unflinching honesty. back with an all new lineup of top notch players, the chris thayer band has embarked on the next chapter of their musical tale, infusing a jam-rock flavor into their hook-driven  pallate.

kevin swan brings his hard rock technical wizardry to the electric guitar, calling on a slew of influences as varied as his extensive knowledge of the instrument. A veteran of the So Cal music scene, kevin brings a raw wit and blazing intensity to the group.

mike lawler adds a commanding presence on bass, solidifying the groove while adding  intricate vocal harmonies. having performed in various groups, including a guest appearance on lead vocals with Chicago, lawler brings a cool, collected wisdom to the driving rhythm core.
derek smith on drums is the source of power and intensity within the group, combining the power of players like john bonham with the technique and awe inspiring feats of carter beauford.  a connoisseur of vintage drums and drum sounds, smith molds his carefully sculpted sound into the backdrop of the music, while also leading the music in new and exciting directions.

chris's vocal debut came in the the form of "danny zuko" in a high school production of grease at the age of 17.  he has fronted several bands throughout the years, including the alt-rock stillwater black and jump blues outfit, big papa and the tcb. heavily influenced by a wide array of artists such as jim croce, robert cray, no doubt, prince, live, and dave matthews band, chris brings the literary panache of a poet to the powerful and catchy jam-rock canvas.

over the years, chris thayer band has performed as a headliner as well as opening for several national acts, including james taylor, the bacon brothers (featuring kevin bacon), styx, little river band, fabulous thunderbirds, johnny winter, big bad voodoo daddy, and rod piazza & the mighty flyers, to name a few. in 2003, CTB realeased the "phoenix" cd and toured the western u.s. in support of it, including an appearance on the NBC morning show in eugene, or. 2006 saw the release of "Chasing Venus," the culmination of years of songwriting and experiences.